2015.09.27 — Hook is the BOMB with the broken flies.

Well, to make a long intro short.  I didn’t want to mention the fact that Hook broke his switch rod last week.  He has had some pretty back luck with gear this season.  As you know, fly gear is way over priced but each person sees it differently.  With Hook losing shooting heads after shooting heads during the Pink season, now it has come to breaking his Z-Axis as well.  But that doesn’t stop the bratha from doing what he enjoys.

This was going to be a tough weekend.  Tough i say!!!  Not so much of the fishing really but more with the emotional rollercoster that Hook has to endure.  The baitcaster is not a far fetched item for Hook but rather a decision of a purist of fly, hahahah.  I had to say it, i know he doesn’t like it but who cares!!!

Let’s just get this out in the open now, i didn’t do so well this weekend.  As a matter of fact, i pretty much got skunked with only the 3 – 4 pinks and some sucker fish.  Yes, hooked 3 sucker fish for me yesterday and it really sucks.  So this post will be about Hook.  It was truly an amazing outing for the both of us, even though i got nothing.  Just seeing him battle fish was, from the bottom of my heart, nothing shy of AMAZING!!!

Here is how we started off the day.


Everyone around was looking big springs.  Really big springs and Hook lands his first of the season, spring that is.  Not too big but not that small either.  A 10min battle on 8lbs leader, resulted in a stinky as hell fish, hahaha.  Doesn’t stop there.  We talked last week prior to him breaking his rod into 5 pieces that it would be so nice if we all actually got a chance to limit out.  We have never been able to do that and to through into the mix, everything had to be different.  Today, he did pretty much just that.  Except for the fact that he was the only one with the limit.


3 different species here, from top down.  6lbs elusive hatchery Coho, 8lbs bright as a bullet chum and a 12lbs you can smell from a mile away stinky spring.  But to my surprise as i was getting ready to do my salmon jerky.  it’s not as stinky anymore when you see this.


Not a white but a red, wow.  The flesh on this thing was amazing and by the way, i messed up with the fillet, hahaha.  Knife was so dull after cutting up the chum and i didn’t want to ruin my shun knife for it.  Anyways, a great start to the season for Hook and for those of you that didn’t show up after the invitation, no jerky for you, hahaha.

It’s a great start but there are even better days to come as this is just the beginning.  There are cohos around as Hook had 2 today, 1 wild and 1 hatchery.  I didn’t know why i didn’t get anything but i know i have fresh roe for this coming weekend.  And if i fail, i know i have my bratha to cover my back on making the team shine.  We have some awesome weather and with water being the level it is, more and more will come into the system.  Get out there and enjoy yourself.  We are only weekend warriors right now, been super busy so chances are, we will only be able to make it out on the weekends.  Hope to see you all out there and enjoy the rays while they last!!!



Chehalis River 2014.12.07 — What a surprise!!!

Dice and I decided to fish the Chehalis today to get whatever coho was around.  Knowing this system still have some fresh ones mill about, we hoped for the best and endured the long walk.  Wasn’t too cold today and the sun was shining for the most part.  Enjoy it while it last for the month of December.

Approaching run after run, people where in all the productive spots.  Everyone had something along the banks as we arrived shortly after 10am.  Go figure right.  I knew there wasn’t much so i didn’t want to lose too much sleep.  Just go when you want to.  So we went for a walk to get away from the crowd and found our usual spot empty of anglers but didn’t get a sniff for the 1hr that we were there.  So we decided to move back to where the action was.  Back to where the people were.  Talked to a few guys and one was leaving so they gave us their spot and also pointed out where the fish was holding.  Great people around this time of year.  But also, it’s about not invading someone’s space when they are fishing.  Either wait or makes sure you give them ample space.  But not long after, everyone decided to go home and we had the whole grounds to ourselves.  With guts and gills everywhere, the battle ground will continue for more as we approached.  hahaha.  Not much action for us.  Just the 1 hatchery jack coho for me.  Which was chrome so i’m still happy.  But the prize goes to Dice.  Just as we thought the day would end rather peaceful.  This on the end of the line keeps the heart pounding strong!!!

IMG_20141207_155521-LR-1 IMG_20141207_155615-LR-1 IMG_20141207_155902-LR-1

What can you say?  Congrats my friend on your very first steelhead.  Technically, this should be my fish.  I gave him the jig to catch it, hahaha.  Anyways, good job!!!

Hopefully this is an inspiration to those that think they are not in the system yet but they are there, not in huge numbers.  But when you get to enjoy a day like today, it doesn’t matter and you never know what might be on the other end of the line.  Good luck everyone on this years steelhead season!!!!!

Fraser Valley 2014.11.30 — A very cold end.

The final days of salmon fishing is upon us now.  There are still a few fresh fish milling about but is it worth heading out to subzero temperatures?  I did that today and not many would bare the elements.  A quieter scenery today with only a handful of anglers wrapped up with only eyes showing to fish a few runs here and there.  Don’t get me wrong, there are other systems out there that still have a good number of fish and bright too but i’m talking about this particular one that i fished today.  I hooked into 3 today but nothing to take home.  Not that i am in need of any fish but most is past its prime already.  The first jack that i got was bright as can be but luckily for him, wild.  hahaha.  The next was a big brute weighing in around 8 -10lbs.  The camera doesn’t do justice but it had a huge belly.  And lastly, a rather bright fish for this time of year but lucky for her, she was wild as well.

Here is the brute today.  Red showing and dark belly indicates that it’s not good table fare so a quick photo and back into the pool he went.


I was using bait for the majority of the day.  But as the fingers started to tingle, i switched to jigs with nothing on that either.  My guides were icing up throughout the day making it difficult to cast.  After about 2hrs of fishing, i hands were warm but for some reason, i can’t feel my finger tips.  Bad blood circulation so in between cast, i had to warm it up in my pocket.  I had wool fingerless gloves with a mitten cover but still, didn’t seem to help.  Mainly it’s the casting hand because the rod lays on my finger and the pressure also helps to cut circulation.  Oh well, nothing i can do about it so just switching hand from time to time.

Next week, i should be heading back to the vedder to try for some early steelhead.  But chances are, i wont hook anything till the new year so have a good holiday if i don’t get a chance to write and talk to you all again in the new year!!!

Fraser Valley 2014.11.22 — Not a bad way to end the salmon season!!

I had the opportunity to fish friday, saturday and sunday.  But only saturday was a successful day for my but my other buddies had fish 2 of the 3 days.

River is rising and all due to the heavy rainfall this weekend.  It’s still coming up with more rain in the forecast so i knew i only had the past weekend to give it my all before everything has moved up.  Friday had great water but i wasn’t able to connect with anything except for some cutties, 2 hatchery and 2 wilds.  Nothing to take home as i wasn’t out for trouts.

Saturday had me thinking, would the season just end like this?  Normally you get your highs and lows and then you really know inside that the season is over.  Well, Friday was the low.  I managed to hook some fish but wish i could have had another larger one.  Which was lost near the bank as i was looking for a good place to land the fish.  3 jacks and 1 8lbs.  Not a bad day.  My kids had fish and chips with the little guys and they gobbled it all up.


So that was the high and here comes another low.  Sunday, was crazy.  With torrential rain and hail, even had thunder and lightning.  I was somewhat peaceful for me because…  Saturday was almost the same, minus the thunder and lightning.  I was standing there getting hit by hail and it hurt.  Literally tucked as far into the tree and bushes to avoid mother nature’s wrath, i was thinking, “what am i doing here in this nasty weather”.  One must bare the worst elements to enjoy what they love most.  I guess you can say that about a lot of other things.  But anyways, let’s get back to how i was feeling peaceful.  I brought along an umbrella.  That’s right, i learned my lesson on Saturday and i wasn’t going to let that happen to me again.  Using it to block out as much as the elements as possible, the only thing was to just watch and wait for it to stop.  Looking around to see others hiding and huddling in the bushes made me look start for a change.  Zero was laughing at me when i took the umbrella out of the car.  He asked if i was fishing or just carrying it around.  But look who is laughing now when he actually asked to get some cover.  I think i will carry one with me from now on, i don’t have to carry it as my bag has a strap to keep it secure.  I love my waist pack and burner.  Now you have somewhat of a chance to defend the winter months ahead.  So, that was pretty much it for Sunday, the water came up so fast and chocolate was it’s color.  No point in trying to making things happen as it’s pretty much all chance now.  Fish can’t see anything in this dark water so we packed it up just before the sun went down.  A nice way to end the weekend.  We did have a couple of hours of sun near the end as the rain passed.

More rain is coming, river is going to be high and fish will move up the river.  Too much river with a bit of fish so i believe, the salmon season has come to an end.  Don’t get me wrong, i’m sure there are a few that is trickling into the system but do you really want to spend the day trying for 1 or 2 fish that might bite your presentation.  Hell ya, only if the weather is nice.  I’m pretty much done, so i will start to prepare for steelhead season which is just around the corner.  But i really don’t expect to head out next weekend but you never know.  Sometimes, i’m just crazy but more to do with the fact, i don’t want to stay indoors.  Anyways, have a good one and i hope to make a post soon but only if i catch something, hahaha.  Don’t hold your breath, i’m not very good with the steelies.

Fraser Valley 2014.11.08 — Dice can catch fish!!

Normally, i would post on a Sunday but no games to play so i decided to start the post early this week.  With rain in the recent days, i thought it would be a magical day with tons of fish in the system.  No much difference really, fish in their usual spots.  Lockjaw as the day progressed but that doesn’t stop Dice’s dedication.  We all fished different areas today trying to find the one that bites.  Dice got his later in the day while Hook’s came minutes before.  Let the pictures speak for itself.


Wild 4lber coho released after the photo.


Finally, 4-5lber hatchery coho caught on a jig.  You are probably wondering, “Haven’t seen this guy for awhile?”  hahaha.  He has been with us for weeks and weeks but has nothing to show for.  But seriously, congrats to his first fish of the season and hopefully not his last.  He actually has gotten nothing on the other end of the line this salmon season till now.  So if you see him on the river, go give him a pat on the back and tell him to keep up the good work, hahaha.

Here is mine that i caught earlier in the day.


Landed 2 of 3.  The smaller one has a bit of red but since it was a male, i decided to keep it.  4lbs and 8lbs.  I thought the larger was a chum at first when the rolls were absent.  Pulled like a chum but definitely a gorgeous fish.  Either way, can’t complain as others that came late during the day didn’t get anything.  Most of the action was at first light till around 9ish then it just went dead.  Oh well, that’s fishing for ya.

Hook and I will be heading out again tomorrow to try our luck.  Not really expecting too much cause i didn’t even keep these for myself.  A bit tired but more on the lazy side so i gave them both to my dad.  Anyways, enjoy the weather, get some more fish before the winter comes.



Sundays catch.

Fraser Valley 2014.11.02 — One seems to be the magic number

Had some good rain the last week and some fresh fish has moved in but nothing in a large amount or maybe they just push right through.  We’ve been searching everywhere for these coho and if you find it, they are lockjaw.  Seems like this is the case every week.

Awesome weather on Saturday but the only downside, no fish.  Are they around, yes they are.  But no in great numbers yet or have they passed?  Not sure, only thing we can do is just keep on trying.  Walked up and down but still nothing.  Zero ventures off and comes back after an hour.  With this little guy.


The only reason he wanted to keep this was to piss me off from the trip on the vedder where i beat him with a jack coho.  He kept on coming around to see if i was upset that he got something but it doesn’t really bother me.  He continues to parade his fish around like it was a trophy of a fish.  I keep telling him, it doesn’t bother me.  It’s a jack!!  So instead, all the guys, Hook, Dice and myself proceed to call him Jack.  Hahaha.  We continue to make fun of him and to top it off, as we headed back to the car, other guys took notice of his catch.  They all started to giggle at him and that was priceless.  Are we mean?  Somewhat.  Should have given him a bag or something to put into his pocket.  But either way, he did get 1 fish.

It’s been hard to get multiple fish days as a group.  Not sure if there is something wrong with what we are doing or maybe the location or just timing.  Not a lot of people that we talked to have gotten anything more either.  But confirmation from others doesn’t really satisfy or justify why we are not catching fish.  Today, i headed out rather late in the day.  Back to the same spot but with only 4-5 hours of fishing.  I was really tired and possibly a little bit of a chest cough.  Not good, but as long as my wife doesn’t find out, i’m still able to fish.  With night approaching fast, i’m still casting away and haven’t taken much of a break.  Put on my final piece of bait, a rather large piece but the intention was to let it dwindle down.  And it would be pretty good timing as it was time to go.  The guy next to me starts to pack it up and it’s the same story.  One last cast with the bait, only about 3-4 egg size, and i also took the challenge to drift it through the rough slot possible.  Thinking inside that if worst comes to worst, i don’t have to pack up my gear if i lose it to the debris.  As it drifts through the nastiest part, it doesn’t get hung up but seconds later, it dips and dips.  Yank!!! Fish On!!!  Now the challenge is not to slip and fall into the river as it was raining and the ground is very slipper when your attention is on the fish.  Looking for a spot where i could get close enough to land the fish, i take a bit of a fall but nothing major.  Luckily, no girls around to watch me bail but moments later…  Landed.


5lbs hatchery coho.  Chrome as a bullet.  Seems like only the chrome ones are biting, nothing wrong with that.  Just hoping a bit more action throughout the day.  This was the only hit for me all day but i’m truly luck i didn’t lose it when i fell.

More rain is coming but that doesn’t bother me, just hoping that we could get a bit more action throughout the day.  There are a few individuals that hasn’t seen the silver at the end of the line yet.  Everyone will be out next week and it will be the first this season.  Hope we could get a few more pictures before the end of the season.  Anyways, hope everyone has a good one and see you again on the river next week.

Fraser Valley 2014.10.25 — Rain Rain Rain

This has been a really wet weekend with the rain warning in effect, bring the water levels up to a all time high this season.  For us, this has been a challenging year with the abundance of many species.  Most of which we did not get, sockeyes, springs and chums.  Even the numbers of coho was not nearly what we got in September of last year.  Hook ups are way down as well for most of us if not all.  Timing is crucial and i believe the substantial amount of rain came at a time when the peak of the coho run started which has allowed for the fish to shoot way up and fast.  Is it good, possibly but i would love to get my hands on a few more before it comes to an end.

Let’s start the weekend journal.  All i can say is the water has some good color but high.  Normally if the water is at this level with more fish, we would be slaughtering them.  But with the low numbers, this made it difficult to entice that many.  Well, let’s say between the 4 of us, we had a handful of bites but only 1 that was able to take home.  We drove a ton of  kms after kms in search of these buggers.  Fished the vedder for the first half of the day and then moved on to another system.  Was it tough, definitely!!  But near the end of the day, I managed this one fish.


A 5lb female hatchery coho for a days effort.  I guess that’s not that bad considering the conditions.  I know that some may think that it’s great with the extra water and know exactly where the fish was hiding.  We tried many different spots and was trying all different techniques but roe was the answer to this chromer.

Was also hoping to write once for the both days but todays water was even higher and brown to say the least.  Hopefully with all this rain, enough fish will make it to the hatchery so that we could have an even stronger run 4 years later.  But i pretty much wrote this year off for now and if the next few weeks turns out good, great but if not, still a fun year for what it is.

Anyways, hope you all had an exciting weekend and see you back next week or if i decide to take a sick day.  🙂